Who offers linked data training?

Where can groups of programmers (and non-programmers) get courses in linked data? Are there any reputable course/workshop providers?

Not sure where you are based, but I read a few weeks back that Talis are running a series of 'Open Days' in the UK: http://blogs.talis.com/nodalities/2009/11/talis-platform-open-days.php

TopQuadrant has been offering a semantic web technology course since 2004. While it covers a lot more than linked data, roughly one day of the four day course is dedicated to linked data (in the form of RDF and SPARQL), and linked data plays a key role throughout the course, including the case studies and best practice units on the fourth day. While the course uses TopQuadrant's tool TopBraid Composer for the hands-on part of the course, the content of the course is Semantic Web technology and standards. http://topquadrant.com/training/intro.html

OpenLink Software also offers Linked Data Training with a fundamental focus on Distributed Object Computing and RESTful client-sever computing patterns (what Linked Data is fundamentally about).

Course schedules (on and offline) will soon be published, but you can contact us (email, twitter etc..). If your needs are urgent.

Kingsley Idehen http://www.openlinksw.com/blog/~kidehen

Eprimorphics offers linked data training to both organisations and individuals. We provide training in data modelling, deployment of linked data systems and the technologies used to construct them, such as SPARQL and the linked data API.

Details of training: http://www.epimorphics.com/web/products/training
Details of Jena support: http://www.epimorphics.com/web/support

If you are based in the UK, see below:


Intense hands on training

The EDM Council offers training on “Knowledge Graph”, which is primarily about Linked Data https://edmcouncil.org/page/OKGVirtualTraining

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