Where can I learn about the semantic web if I'm not an English speaker?

There is a very good question and nice answers to the question "where can I learn about the Semantic Web?" on this site, and more generally this site is giving a lot of useful information for beginners in the Semantic Web, but it is in English and all references are in English too. What can I do if I want to provide useful links to people who are not fluent in English?

Please provide references along with the language in which they are written.

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Norwedgian, Swedish or Danish

For French speakers: there is a Semantic Web section on Developpez.com. Their documents are usually pretty good for beginners.

If you're a speaker of Norwegian/Swedish/Danish, there are several commercial and non-commercial offerings (in the form of workshops). Companies like Computas, and institutions like NTNU have run workshops for interested parties.

(Disclaimer: I ran the workshops for NTNU)

Some more links to French resources: