SPARQL query repositories

I'm looking for SPARQL query repositories. A SPARQL query repository would be any site where one could go and search through a set of SPARQL queries. This question is not referring to tutorials, blogs, articles and such where a small handful of queries are just there for the viewing.

Some desirable features of a SPARQL repository might be:

  • searchable prefixes
  • cross linked to ontology definition
  • traceable to OP
  • voted on by community
  • descriptive meta data
  • categorized or tagged
  • searchable by SPARQL keyword
  • sparql endpoint for access
  • etc.

Here's the list of the ones I know so far:

Kasabi (currently in beta, sign up at we've provided the ability for anyone to share SPARQL queries that can be used against a dataset.

Anyone can post a query, along with a title and a description of what it does, which is then displayed and shared with the whole community. The queries are displayed with syntax highlighting to make them more readable.

We don't yet support additional features such as tagging, etc but will consider that. All of the queries are associated with a specific endpoint and dataset.