SPARQL operators for representing rdf:list

In this blog by Leigh Dodds and the documentation for property functions for ARQ I see some SPARQL syntax for RDF lists being used. For example, the following SPARQL:

PREFIX timsPrefix:      <>

?uri timsPrefix:magicProp (?namespace ?localname).

I gathered that the objects in the group are a representation of RDF list because when I see the SPARQL Algebra repesentation on I can see it the Algebra's graph pattern.

Can someone point me to the place in the SPARQL spec that defines this syntax? Also, I would like to see the test, if there is one, in the SPARQL DAWG tests.

Hi @harschware,

This is standard Turtle syntax for RDF lists, which SPARQL re-uses (as it does basically all of Turtle syntax). The relevant part of the spec is:

I don't know offhand if there's a syntax test for it in the test suite or not. I imagine there probably is...