SKOS Tools for creating classifications


I would like to represent my concepts scheme using SKOS, and then serialise it in RDF. Is there tools for creating such a representation?

SKOSed with Protégé4-beta does not offer all classes of SKOS as they defined in W3C like Collection, TopConcepts...

Is their any other tools to do such a task?

For editing and using SKOS models, try TopBraid Composer. There are various tools for defining and using SKOS - displaying broader/narrow relations in a tree view, displaying nodes by skos:prefLabel, constraints for SKOS data quality, etc.

Also see the Enterprise Vocabulary Network (EVN), which is Web-based end user product that works with SKOS models out-of-the-box, and with a couple of small setup steps will support concurrent multi-user editing with audit trails. This includes version control and provenance features necessary for collaborative ontology editing. You can design models and evaluate EVN with TBC-ME (free trial), and the general SKOS modeling tools are available in TBC-Free.

I think probably the best tool out there for managing SKOS classifications is PoolParty. It is not free, but you can give it a try.

TemaTres Vocabulary Server has the option of SKOS export, so it might be good enough for your purposes.