Query Language for OWL


Is there any standard query language for OWL ontologies, just like SPARQL for RDF ? And how would you comment about the strength of the language compared to SPARQL ??

Appreciate any help, Thank you.

SPARQL works nicely for querying OWL. In some cases one has to understand some things about how OWL is implemented in RDF, but in most cases, simple SPARQL will suffice. There is some work being done on entailments in SPARQL 1.1, but in the absence of that, just execute the query after inferences are executed.

Have you checked the SQWRL-A Query Language for OWL?

SPARQL is currently the de facto standard RDF query language, and has also been pressed in to service as an OWL query language. However, SPARQL has no native understanding of OWL. It operates only on its RDF serilization. SQWRL that provides a simple yet expressive language for performing queries on OWL ontology is based on the SWRL rule language and uses SWRL's strong semantic foundation as its formal underpinning. In addition, it also provides an array of powerful set operators that support negation as failure, disjunction, counting, and aggregation functionality.

You can find more useful information about SQWRL here: http://protege.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?SQWRL