Platforms or tools for "no code" knowledge graphs?

Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone could point me toward platforms or open source GUI tools that enable non-technical users to “easily” create knowledge graphs and manage data in them. The goal is to help journalists quickly create web-based data gathering sites that enforce some rigor with respect to data quality while allowing them the flexibility to adapt a schema as project needs evolve.

Historically, smaller newsrooms without technical expertise have relied on Google Sheets to crowdsource data that can’t be easily extracted by machine, which as you can imagine quickly grows unwieldy and produces a myriad of data headaches (data validation tools in Sheets are limited and often not applied in practice).

Along the lines of this legacy topic from 2010, are there any recent developments in the availability of CRUD interfaces for building and managing knowledge graphs?

I’d also love to hear about platform-based solutions as well. KgBase, which I learned about at the 2020 Knowledge Connexions conference, is very much along the lines of what I had in mind. But my hope is to find an open source tool that my organization can host and provide for free to working journalists, who often don’t have the financial ability to pay for hosted solutions. A platform that provides a free tier of usage for smaller projects would also be useful. Do any freemium, hosted solutions for “no code” knowledge graphs exist?


Hey, one of the founders at KgBase here. Can you email me at Happy to work something out with you

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Thanks! I’ll reach out offline!