OWL DL reasoning in a triple store


I am currently working with a Big OWLIM/Sesame hosted by Sesame. Everything goes pretty well but I have the problem that I can not infer all the properties that I would like because Big OWLIM only implements (almost all) OWL Lite axioms, and the ontology I am working with is implemented using OWL DL.

I have been looking for some other triplestores (Jena, Virtuoso, D2R...) and none of them seems to give support to OWL DL reasoning. I know that a possibility is to manually add all the axioms needed to provide the expresivity I am looking for, but it may be quite a lot of work and it does not seem to be a very robust solution.

I hope that I am not the only one having this kind of problems, and it may even be possible that someone has already built an axiom set for OWL DL reasoning in BigOWLIM+Sesame (or another triplestore).

Which solution do you recommend?

Thank you in advance, Adolfo Ruiz

If you think about trying out Jena, you can use an external reasoner like Pellet to plug it into Jena. Pellet does support OWL-DL and OWL2 reasoning.

Here is an example how to use Pellet with Jena.

Edit: Maybe you can even use the best of both worlds with something like the Jena Sesame Model.

I know in SwiftOWLIM you can use custom rule-sets


5.3 Custom Rule-Sets