Ontology viewer

What is the best ontology visualization tool for you?
I usually use Ontograf in Protege. But it looks like it cannot show datatype properties and inferred relations.

Can you share an image from Ontograf?

Many people use VOWL, particularly because reference doc generators include such a step.
But I’ve never been able to avoid the “hairball” effect and get an easily understandable diagram.

IMHO the best ontology notation is Grafoo. Eg see
But it’s a manual stencil, not automatic graph layout.


Thanks, Vladimir!

I will have a look at Grafoo.
The screenshots of Ontograf are actually here: OntoGraf - Protege Wiki

You may also want to review the thread at https://twitter.com/danbri/status/1417426563470184453.

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Thanks. There is a lot to explore :slight_smile: