Ontology for Governance, Government, Legal Entities etc

Hi all,

can somebody recommend an ontology for modelling governance data like: government, laws, institutions etc.

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This is a rather broad question. I’m not current on this topic, but here’s a selection of (oldish) proceedings.

  • ICT4JUSTICE-2009 2nd International Conference on ICT Solutions for Justice
  • Law and the Semantic Web (LNAI 3369, 2004)
  • Computable Models of the Law (LNAI 2884, 2008)
  • Expanding the Horizons of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR5 2008)
  • JURIX 2010
  • Law, Ontologies and the Semantic Web (2008)- TOC
  • Law and the Semantic Web- Legal Ontologies, Methodologies, Legal Information Retrieval, and Applications (LNAI3369, 2005)
  • Law and Web 2.0 (2009)
  • Legal and Negotiation Decision Support Systems (LDSS; IDT4, ICAIL 2009)
  • Legal Informatics and e-Governance (Zaragoza 2008)
  • Legal Ontologies and AI Techniques (LOAIT 2007)
  • Legal Ontology Engineering_ Methodologies, Modelling Trends, and the Ontology of Professional Judicial Knowledge (2011)
  • Modelling Legal Cases (IDT5, ICAIL 2009)
  • SW2Law 2007 Workshop

Regarding ontologies: you need to start with some survey. Eg try Legal ontologies over time- A systematic mapping study (ExpSys 2019). But here are a few important ones:

Regarding organizations, try https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/collection/semantic-interoperability-community-semic/core-vocabularies

  • Registered Orgs
  • Public Orgs
  • Public Services



Thanks a lot, Vladimir.
I looked through all of the links. The proceedings are no help and are quite old. The ELI, LKIF are also very old and not helpful. FIBO is for finance. Is there anything else? Like a clear and up-to-date? Something that can actually can be used?

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Find some new proceedings then. I can’t imagine this research topic has disappeared overnight.

Thanks. I am sure there is still something in academic area. What I am looking for is a vocabulary that can be downloaded and used for a real life use case. Like the org or FIBO ontologies.