[Meta] New moderators

To combat increased spam, @Eric Franzon has promoted all users above 5k karma to moderators.

The new moderators are:

Welcome on-board! The main additional moderation tools include the ability to delete questions, to convert comments to answers and answers to questions, to accept third-party questions, and so forth.

We can use this space to iron out any details, or if you have any questions.

Sounds good. As a moderator though I would want some ability to private message other moderators too. Not every issue we run into can be / should be discussed as a public post. What would work best for me is having private emails for the other moderators. If the other moderators agreed, I m not sure how to get that exchange to happen at first. I think we are all on twitter maybe we can just PM each other our emails. ( Personally I don't twitter enough for it to be a reliable mechanism going forward. ).

Other ideas?

Question: Where do I find the moderation tools?

In particular: how do I delete a question? (I would want to delete obvious SPAM.)

I can see that I have more options now on other people's comments, and can even delete them. But I don't see how to delete answers or questions.