Is there a managed triple store with OWL reasoning support?


I am looking for a hosted data store provider which offers OWL-DL reasoning support, eg. pellet. And provides some api for sparql queries, can be be published as Linked Data and is a free or offers affordable subscription. What are my options? I have looked at Dydra, Kasabi and knoodl.


Stardog offers schema-only OWL-DL reasoning support in addition to support for the rest of the profiles, EL, RL & QL. It supports Sesame & Jena interfaces as well as it's own native interface, SNARL, any of which you can use to dispatch SPARQL queries.

OWL-IM offers RL support, perhaps now also QL, but if you have a specific need for DL, that may not be helpful. You could hook up Joseki, Jena, & Pellet to provide a SPARQL endpoint that would use Pellet via Jena, which would let you use DL w/ Pellet, but you'll be restricted to what Pellet can do in memory with your data. AllegroGraph I thought had some integration with a reasoner, maybe RacerPro, but I don't know many details about that. You also could look at PelletDb which is a plugin over Oracle using Pellet to enhance Oracle's built-in reasoning w/ schema reasoning via Pellet.