Idea: Given the richness of JSON APIs, can we build a crowdsource JSON->RDF mapper?

Ok so all kinds of services on the web have a JSON API. If it's not JSON it's XML. But those are pretty much the major players in town. Think of Flickr, FlightStats, GitHub and a gazillion of others. But as you all notice, all this data isn't available in a standard schema, and definitely not in RDF.

IDEA Wouldn't be cool if there was a website such as APIfy (a service that provides a web-interface for turning any HTML website into a JSON API), to basically convert any kind of data on the web, into RDF?

This can be crowd-sourced, just like APIfy, and it would work very similarly to APIfy, but instead of generating JSON, it would generate RDF (JSON/RDF, Turtle or even XML/RDF).

HOW As an experienced web developer, of course this would be open-source, and totally reusable. For the mapping part you simply provide the URIs for describing the things you find on the web, and we could also make this a crowd-sourced validation system: other people can check whether the mapping is correct. So that you fully re-use already built vocabularies.

For now it's just an idea. But I don't think it would be too hard to build, and it will most likely help make the Linked Data graph a lot larger. What do you think?