How do I make my homepage/personal blog semantic?

I want to make my homepage SemWeb friendly. Please recommend any general paradigms that you think a blog or homepage should have. My blog runs on wordpress, any existing plugins that you use would be great. Also plugins for other CMS-es are welcome.

Also, if uber-users could annotate this question with proper tags, that would be great.

I agree with other responders: embedding mark-up in the page using RDFa is a good approach and FOAF is the obvious place to start in terms of tags.

When I was marking up our company About page with RDFa, I also used:



Yahoo Commerce

Semantic Crunchbase:

You can have a look at the resulting RDF here

I made up my own term to link to our twitter accounts, but I've been meaning to go back and use foaf:holdsAccount for that instead.

For blogs, it would also be a good idea to mark up each post with title and author metadata, eg using Dublin Core

There is a Wordpress plug-in that does some of this, but I haven't used it myself. And I read that RDFa support built into Drupal is coming with version 7, though not released yet.

I have used XHTML+RDFa on my homepage, and currently embedding mostly FOAF. You can extract the RDF via this pyRdfa webservice, with this full link:">

And my blog uses this approach and points to the FOAF with a <link> element in <html><head>:

<link href='' rel='meta' title='FOAF' type='application/rdf+xml'/>

Drupal has been working a lot to make their CMS more RDF-oriented. Extra modules can be added to even enhance this. OpenCalais can be integrated, and RDFa can be automatically generated from your content.

My home page has the FOAF link as described by Egon plus an ICBM meta element for use by GeoURL and XFN data on the links to friends and sites I am on.

It has long been my aim to generate this page based on data in my FOAF file so that I only have to maintain that. I'm interested in any scripts that would do that for me. If they can also include RDFa data then that would be great. The ideal would be something that could use a template file to define the general page layout. Something in Python would suit me best as I've at least used it. This probably ought to be a new question.