Generating documentation from RDFS and/or OWL vocabularies

What tools do people recommend for generating human-readable documentation from RDFS/OWL vocabularies?

SpecGen is used to generate the FOAF spec and the SIOC spec. Based on Python and Redland. There are several forked versions floating around, which makes things a bit confusing.

Another alternative would be to use something like Neologism to manage and publish your vocabulary...I think it only does RDFS though.

TopBraid Composer has a feature to export any model into a set of HTML pages. An example can be seen at

I'll suggest Parrot as I thought it pretty cool and simple.

I really like parses OWL Ontologies to HTML and produces documentation for ontologies which is very Java-Doc like. Exists as a plugin into Protege and generation of the documentation is essentially a one-click affair!

In the past I have used an XSLT stylesheet to produce HTML from RDF/XML. You can see an example of this in use at

More recently I use my own Paget framework to produce documentation like

I tried and liked the "Ontology Browser"[1] and also LODE [2] which also links to the first one. Both are "live" documentations, in the sense that documentation does not need to be regenerated on changes.

However, so far, I could not find out how to point the browser directly to a resource, not the whole vocabulary. Has someone already done this? I'd like to use it with content negotiation when calling a URI of one of the resources (they have slash uri style).

[1] [2]