Code of conduct

Some helpful advice

If you’re here to get help, make it as easy as possible for others to help you. Follow our guidelines and remember that our community is made possible by volunteers.

If you’re here to help others, be patient and welcoming. Learning how to participate in our community can be hard. Offer support if you see someone struggling or otherwise in need of help.

Be clear and constructive when giving feedback, and be open when receiving it. Edits, comments, and suggestions are healthy parts of our community.

Be inclusive and respectful. If a situation makes it hard to be friendly, stop participating and move on.

Keep your submission titles factual and opinion free. Here at answers.knowledgegraph we pride ourselves to be technology agnostic - welcoming to all projects, open or not, bounded by none. If you genuinely feel your solution could be relevant for the topic at hand, you may quote it in your replies, but please remember that our board is not a marketplace or a vendor fair.

Search for duplicates before posting. While you draft your topic, you’ll notice that Discourse provides us with a recommendation filter - topics similar to the one you plan on asking. If a similar question has been asked, it could be better to comment in that thread and revive it, rather than creating a new one. However, feel free to post something again if you feel that the earlier posting didn’t get the attention it deserved and you think you can do better.

What is not Allowed

Threats of violence. You may not threaten violence towards others or use the site to organize, promote, or incite acts of real-world violence or terrorism.

Hate speech and discrimination. While it is not forbidden to broach topics such as age, body size, ability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, level of experience, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation, we do not tolerate speech that attacks a person or group of people on the basis of who they are. Just realize that talking about these or other sensitive topics can make others feel unwelcome, or perhaps even unsafe, if approached in an aggressive or insulting manner. We expect our Community members to be respectful when discussing sensitive topics.

Bullying and harassment. This includes, but isn’t limited to: bullying, intimidation, vulgar language, direct or indirect threats, sexually suggestive remarks, patterns of inappropriate social contact, and sustained disruptions of discussion.

Doxxing and invasion of privacy. Don’t post other people’s personal information, such as phone numbers, private email addresses, physical addresses, credit card numbers, Social Security/National Identity numbers, or passwords. Depending on the context, such as in the case of intimidation or harassment, we may consider other information, such as photos or videos that were taken or distributed without the subject’s consent, to be an invasion of privacy, especially when such material presents a safety risk to the subject.

Prurient/Sexually explicit content. All nudity or sexual content is prohibited.

Spam. Respect the learning goals of this community. Don’t post advertisements, link to spammy websites, or otherwise vandalize the environment. If you work in the SW/KGs field and you want to promote your services, feel free to do so in the #promotions channel on Slack:

Copyrighted or illegal content. You are responsible for what you post. If you post something you didn’t create yourself, you must have the right to post it. Under no circumstance you may post illegal content, including content illegal under copyright and trademark laws, links to illegal content, or methods for circumventing the law.

Active malware or exploits. Being part of this Community includes not taking advantage of other members of the Community. We do not allow anyone to use our platform for exploit delivery (e.g. Using the Community as a means to deliver malicious executables) or as attack infrastructure (e.g. Organizing denial of service attacks or managing command and control servers).

Anyone under the age of 13. If you’re a child under the age of 13, you may not have an account on the answers.knowledgegraph. KGC does not knowingly collect information from or direct any of our content specifically to children under 13. If we learn or have reason to suspect that you are a user who is under the age of 13, we will unfortunately have to close your account on answers.knowledgegraph. We don’t want to discourage you from learning to code, but those are the rules.

Other conduct which could reasonably be considered inappropriate in a professional setting. The Q&A board is a professional space and should be treated as such.