Any open source web-based ontology editors that is based on Jena?


Any one can suggest an open source (non-GPL) web-based ontology editor that is based on Jena? I am aware of WebProtégé, however it is not based on Jena. I may be able to use getJenaModel() to access a Jena view of the Protégé model at run-time, but what I wish is a ready made web-based editor and able to support large ontology. Editor that is based on OWL file is out of my consideration due to its scalability, performance issue as well as lack of concurrent access and transaction management.


One way you might be able to do it is to take Top Braid Composer - Free Edition (I'm not sure what open source license they use) and interface with that via an OSGI plugin that contains your code / extensions within the Eclipse Framework. TBC uses JENA under the covers. Using this approach you would get access to a premier ontology modeling application and utilize the excellent Eclipse framework for any of your UI development needs.

Your question sparked my interest and I tried to find one - unsuccessfully. That's the bad news.

The good news is you should be able to cheat :)

There was and apparently still is a barebones Jena Swing-based editor, at . With a little bit of work you could convert that to a JNLP app that can be used over the web. See for a walkthrough of how to do that kind of conversion.

It's not an ideal solution but it may hold you until you find or build a web-based editor. If you build one and open source it, please post a comment with the project URL.