A collection of guides to publish LOD?

Is there a list of guides to publish LOD and tools to help with discoverability?

Are you looking to publish datasets online, i.e., as open data and web-based publishing? We have some people here with expertise in that area, e.g., https://data.world/ :slight_smile:

Or, do you working with linked data, and tools for discovery within connected datasets? I just co-chaired a workshop about that specifically, and we have video online https://metadataday2020.splashthat.com/

If you are looking for methodology on open data publication, the FAIR principles, e.g., https://www.go-fair.org/fair-principles/, are very useful and well thought out. Of course, you can apply FAIR principles to the data you publish in places like data.world.

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I highly recommend Leigh Dodds’ and Ian Davis’s “Linked Data Patterns: A pattern catalogue for modelling, publishing, and consuming Linked Data”. It’s an entire book available at Linked Data Patterns.

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