3D Visualization Tools

All the knowledge graph visualization tools I’ve seen have been in 2D. Have you seen any in 3D? If so, can you point me to some tools or sites with for more information?

When I searched, I came across something called KG3D which appears to be some demo in a chapter of the Advanced Data Mining and Applications book. But I am not willing to pay for the book at this moment – it’s about $100.


I look forward to learning much more about what’s available for 3D graph visualization tools. There seems to be growing use of WebGL, for example

The latter link has a good demo online.

Speaking of WebGL trends, I’d be curious to hear what Tony Parisi & co., might suggest about 3D graphs?

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Thanks Paco! That’s the kind of thing I was looking for.

I’ve been experimenting with ThreeJS/WebGL but if something is already available, then great.

If anyone else knows of something else, please post a link.