Who's working on this in Minneapolis?

I don't see many Minnesota companies buying into Semantic Web or Linked Data. I don't see much coming from the local universities. I'd love to be wrong about this. I'd love to tap into the local Sematic Underground! I hope that there's someone doing something better than SharePoint or Oracle! It's ashame that data silos rule in the town that invented Gopher.

<meta>This would be an excellent question to ask the Semantic Web. Pity it doesn't exist...</meta> :/


Here's the Minnesota Semantic Web group on LinkedIn. Here's a related but dusty Twitter account.

Here's an upcoming Meet-up page for St. Paul. Here's some interested parties.

Here's a (small) list of papers published by University of Minnesota that the Semantic Web dogfood server knows about. Here's one such author working on academic Semantic Webby stuff. From a different source, here's another SW/LD paper from the same University.

General impression: there is a little bit of stuff going on around Minnesota... not sure specifically about Minneapolis though. :/