Who owns the content on this site?

I'm rather concerned there's no information in the FAQ about the owners of this site, or the licensing of the content. Who's in charge here? I'm not sure I want to supply valuable support via a site with no basic creative-commons statements etc.

Who owns the data on this site? What license is my comments being collected under?

This question is licensed by Chris Gutteridge under a CC-non-commercial license. Copyright (c) 2009, Christopher Gutteridge.

Hi Christopher,

I'm happy to amend the FAQ to state explicitly that all questions and answers are provided under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. When I get time, I'll update the file. Meanwhile, consider this an official statement.

I hope that puts your concerns to rest. Now get to work! ;^}>

PS. That license seems, on first glance to a non-lawyer, to be the least restrictive one on offer from CC. Comments?

Generally StackOverflow type sites are licensed under a Creative Commons share alike license but there is currently no licensing information shown on the site. There's usually a license logo in the bottom right corner but this appears to be missing from this site.

Personally I'm not particularly bothered about licensing of my contributions to any similar site, my motivation in participating in such sites is to improve my knowledge and understanding while networking with a community.

That's a goog question, indeed. I also hope the site has/will have a good policy considering the ownership of the data. A related question is "Who runs this site". Hopefully Andrew will answer this question soon.