What web site would you use to show the power of the semantic web?

If a friend asks you "what's this semantic web thing I've heard about?", what site would you show them first?


Some very interesting and worthwhile websites are being produced around the world (US,UK, AU, ?).

There's also media management software using RDF and OWL. It's also intellidimension under the hood (like 'this we know'), but it's being used in MS on at least one product:

Semantic web technologies used in defence and intelligence:

More to follow...

A full set of Semantic Web demo site is available at :

Semantic Web Company demos

Tools covered by the demos are :

  • Open Calais
  • OntoWiki
  • Neologism (vocabulary editor)
  • Kiwi
  • Semantic MediaWiki
  • Evri (similarity search)
  • Relation Browser (visualization)
  • Sig.ma (semantic search with credibility scores)
  • SIMILE Exhibit (Facetted Browsing)

Could be a good place to test or demo these tools without having to install them yourself.

One that has impressed me recently is the QDOS FOAF query as this is reading data files to present something like you would see in Facebook. Morten Frederiksen's Foaf Explorer has been around for ages, but the QDOS makes it look more like a Facebook profile.

I'd impress on them that all the data was controlled by that person rather than by some corporation and could be used in lots of different ways.