Visualisation toolkits for RDF?

I would like to collect a list of visualisation toolkits that can work with RDF. I know there are many general purpose ones that can be adapted but are there any that are targetting RDF natively via SPARQL for example?

(This is a community wiki question so hopefully we can build a list of toolkist here)

It's more of a quick'n'dirty way to visualize RDF, but you can use Raptor to produce a GraphViz DOT file from RDF which you can then visualize with GraphViz:

shell> rapper -o dot <rdf_input> | dot -Tpng -o output.png

I am using Welkin if I need a quick visualization.

Related: the people behind Gephi, "the Photoshop for graphs", are recently showing interest in supporting RDF.

Given the momentum behind Gephi, it may be worthwhile if the semweb community weighs in on the specification.

I have blogged a fairly comprehensive list of visualisation toolkits here...take a look!

Here are two slightly older ones (predating SPARQL?), though they are tools rather than toolkits. Both are written in Java, and based on Jena.

Cytoscape - The Hands-down Winner for Large-scale Graph Visualization

from the homepage:

Cytoscape is also a tool of choice for the semantic web community, since the semantic web is encoded and viewed as a network of knowledge and resources.

  • Load and visualize Resource Description Framework (RDF) data as networks
  • Import data from Triplestore through simple text table or XML-RDF
  • Query RDF data by SPARQL
  • Perform reasoning by plugins
  • Platform to develop custom semantic web applications with other semantic web frameworks including Jena and Sesame

See Also: Rel Finder, gFacet, tFacet, SemLens

JUNG is a very useful toolkit for working with and visualising graphs in java. JenaJung provides little glue to make Jena models work as (read only) JUNG graphs.