SemanticOverflow doesn't seem to support the Stack Exchange API. Why?

SemanticOverflow doesn't seem to support the Stack Exchange API. Why doesn't it?

Would be really nice if SemanticOverflow could be interacted with via something like

Here's what I believe to be the answer.

The company behind StackOverflow offered StackExchange as a paid hosted service. This is how SemantincOverflow was created: Andrew Matthews paid money for setting it up.

Then the StackOverflow company discontinued that offer for business reasons, making quite a few people unhappy in the process.

They will keep paid StackExchange sites like SemanticOverflow running for an undetermined amount of time, but they don't update the software of these sites. This is why SemanticOverflow doesn't get the latest and greatest StackExchange features, but is stuck somewhat in the past.

The StackExchange company now has a different strategy, where the community decides what new StackExchange sites are created: Proposals can be submitted 3[here], and voted on and refined by the community. There is a proposal for a Semantic Web stack exchange site, but it hasn't received much love yet. We SemanticOverflowers should probably push that proposal a bit, so that we have a shiny new replacement site in case the lights eventually go out on SemanticOverflow.

I believe Ian Davis also set up one of the open source StackExchange clones somewhere and seeded it with a dump from SemanticOverflow, can someone confirm this and post the link?

Note that there is an effort to get a propert StackExchange site for the community and hopefully to have our existing content here merged into it should we achieve that.

In order to get this going we need people to follow the proposal and add and vote on example questions in order to get through the first stage of the StackExchange proposal process.

In probably related news, SemanticOverflow accounts are not visible from StackExchange accounts consolidation tools, even when the same authentication sources is used (Google for example).