Python: Using RDFLIB to graph a Sesame database

Is it possible to draw a graph of a Sesame RDF database using RDFLIB? This is what I tried:

endpoint = ""

from rdflib import Graph
g = Graph()

This is the error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Software\rdflib\", line 10, in <module>
  File "c:\python26_32bit\lib\site-packages\rdflib\", line 756, in parse
parser = plugin.get(format, Parser)()

File "c:\python26_32bit\lib\site-packages\rdflib\", line 89, in get
raise PluginException("No plugin registered for (%s, %s)" % (name, kind))
rdflib.plugin.PluginException: No plugin registered for (application/xml, <class

I think the only trick is specifying a proper URL to cause Sesame to return a .rdf xml layout.

Your endpoint URL is wrong. It points to the Sesame Workbench, which is not a (SPARQL) endpoint, but a client application. The SPARQL endpoint for any Sesame database is always on the Sesame server, and is equal to the repository URL. In your case, probably

(edit) Looking at what you're doing, I think you do not need a SPARQL endpoint but just want an export of the complete Sesame database. For this, you can use See the Sesame HTTP communication protocol for more details.

RDFExtras has a store implementation that wraps a SPARQL endpoint, giving you a read-only graph:"")

This is built on the SPARQLWrapper library, which gives you a lower-level interface to do the same thing.