Platform-independent tool to build a faceted browsing web application?


I'm looking for a tool to build a user oriented text-search + faceted browsing application on a triple store.

SIMILE Exhibit is a good example of the kind of result I want to achieve (Exhibit demo). This demo works only on a static data file, I want to do that on a RDF store. They are currently working on a server version (Exhibit3 staged), but their system stores the data internally and does not allow to bind an external triplestore.

I also know that OSF (Open Semantic Framework) provides the same kind of tools, but it also seems to be bound to a specific triplestore (Virtuoso, for now at least).

Does anyone know about a platform-independent tool ?

Thanks !

You can take a look at Faceted search in TopBraid Suite. There is a blog describing faceted search and a video that shows how to build a vocabulary for a faceted search.