Moving to says we need to act to save our rep, and then goes on to say we are moving off of stack exchange. ?!? If we are not going to be on stack exchange what sort of rep system is going to be used? And would a migration of our rep score have any meaning in a new system?

Thanks so much for raising this! We are moving the data onto an Open Source platform, OSQA ( The rep system is essentially the same. OSQA calls it "karma," but otherwise, it has the same purpose - you earn points for activities on the site and leverage those points for site permissions and of course, bragging rights. :)

Andrew Matthews and I are working hard to see that point values required to do things on the new site match those at SemanticOverflow.

Bottom line: Your reputation will mean exactly the same thing on the new platform.

The reason for raising the concern about OpenIDs and email authentication is exactly because reputation scores work the same way on OSQA -- we want you to be able to retain the reputation scores you have earned thus far rather than starting over.