Linked Data: Describing non-RDF information resources

Hmm... quick question.

What's the latest and greatest wisdom within Linked Data for providing RDF metadata about an information resource?

To make it more challenging, the resource is:

  • not an RDF document (so you can't just embed the metadata straight in there)
  • not an (X)HTML document (so you can't just embed RDFa in there)

Let's say the resource is an image and we can't embed RDF directly.

Where should I serve my RDF metadata about the image and how should I serve it? Do I have to sacrifice dereferenceability? Do I have to use a "URI alias" with owl:sameAs? Do I have to disambiguate the "information resource" and the "non-information resource" (w/ something like foaf:isPrimaryTopicOf)?

(It seems that content-negotiation on is inappropriate since I'm not intending to return "equivalent" representations.)

Maybe it's a straightforward question?! Oh yep, refs encouraged!

Many thanks.