Is SNORQL still actively developed?

SNORQL is a nice interface to SPARQL end points, and I am using it myself. I was informed today about this JavaScript SPARQL editor (story), and that made me wonder if SNORQL is still developed, and where the most recent and up-to-date source code can be found. Is SNORQL still developed, under which license, and who might be interested in mashing it up with this SPARQL editor?

I'm the original developer of Snorql.

I originally wrote it for D2R Server in 2006. The name was suggested by Max Völkel. Because it's so handy, I've put it on top of various other SPARQL endpoints, including DBpedia's and the one at Officially, the Snorql source code still lives in the D2R Server CVS, but kurtjx put a stand-alone copy on github last year. As the rest of D2R Server, the license is Apache 2.0.

Development of D2R Server continues, and in that context Snorql still gets a commit every once in a while, but it's unlikely that the D2R team will make any radical new developments around Snorql.

I've meant for years to nicely package and document Snorql as a stand-alone app, but never got around to it, and given my current to-do list that's unlikely to change, unless I happen to need a better Snorql for some project. At the same time, the app is small enough that anyone with a few days time can do something great with it!

So I encourage anyone to take kurtjx's version and improve it. The public-sparql-dev mailing list should be a good place to announce any interesting new stuff.

SNORQL was originally created by Richard Cyganaik ( ). It was 're-born' in September 2009, by Kurt Jacobson and his github repo is, as was posted above, Last push to that was Oct 24, 2009.

I don't know of any development other than that github repo, but the current version with some tweaks will work, as evidenced by this how-to on using it with Virtuoso:

You are already watching a copy of the SNORQL source code on GitHub.

However, it's not clear who the original author is and what is the license for SNORQL.