How to model people and personas?

I have seen that lots of resources model people as foaf:Person, whereas what they're actually modelling "names". Examples of this include modelling authors and other "creators", and including pseudonyms and nom-de-plumes.

The problem with this approach is twofold — the creative output of a person's pseudonyms may be entirely different say mathematics textbooks in one case and detective stories in the other. This kind of thing only becomes apparent when you're looking for bibliographic data, of course, but it something that might be generally interesting. Alternatively, the same (domain specific) collective pseudonym may be used by many persons "Allan Smithee" in the case of film and "Nicolas Bourbaki" in the case of mathematics.

How can one create a good model that allows for a person to have distinct personas?

(I add a suggestion below).

There was a thread about this on foaf-dev recently. Toby wrote a personas vocabulary which you may find useful, but the entire thread is worth trawling for suggestions.

The personas vocabulary is very simple. You can credit something to a persona (rather than the person), and state that the persona is (corresponds to) a foaf:Agent.

Underneath this uses skos machinery, the personas being skos:Concepts. Toby uses skos:related to link personas.

An interesting specification proposal is FOAF-Persona.