How often DBpedia is updated with Wikipedia data?

I'd like to get an instance of DBpedia data, for example on the service provided by Kingsley . But I wonder how often DBpedia is updated, if new articles are created on Wikipedia, how could I know that I am getting fresh data. I saw that las update was October / November 2010. When is going to be the next one? I also would like to know if there is some other service like the one mentioned before. I also looked to Freebase, but I think DBpedia is a good choice.

The cycles in which DBpedia datasets are released vary somewhat. It is approximately twice a year. The last release (3.6) was in January 2011, using the Wikipedia dumps from October/November 2010 because Wikimedia had problems producing new dumps at the time.

The next release (3.7) is probably going to be in August 2011.

dbpedia lite fetches its data live from the Wikipedia API as well. However, its descriptions aren't as expressive as DBPedia ones.