Has anyone written a mapping from OData to RDF?

I know there's been various discussions around how OData, RDF and Linked Data might fit together, but I've not seen a good review of how the OData and RDF models fit together. Has anyone written up how OData could be exposed alongside Linked Data, SPARQL, the Linked Data API, etc?

Note: I'm not interested in hearing about whether specific products support OData, more whether anyone has written up a canonical mapping or discussed the similarities/differences between the approaches.

On June 29, 2010, Ivan Herman has written a blog post describing some discussions going on this very specific issue.

I and mainly my colleague from W3C, Eric Prud’hommeaux, had also a long discussion with two developers from Microsoft who are involved in the oData work; that was really
interesting because we reached the conclusion of possibly outlining together a possible plan whereby we could write down how to “export” oData into RDF, and publish that, e.g., as W3C note (note that there are already systems doing something like that out there, but I am not knowledgeable enough to judge how complete those solutions are). I think it would be good for the community if this happens. It is important for a general Web of Data to include, well, all the data on the Web.

I had a quick look at it (Oh – it is data on the Web) and I'm aware of a joint MS/W3C effort to establish such a mapping (see Ivan's SemTech2010 report).