Getting Facebook Social Graph as RDF?

I would like to get access to my facebook user's social graph as RDF. It seems easier said than done. First some background...

I've found how to get the graph data as JSON by reading the docs at:

And I found the OpenGraph Protocol has a schema definition at:

And I thought I got close when I found a social app called OGer (an OpenGraph crawler which allows querying via SPARQL). Essentially it will crawl a configurable number of levels deep, the OpenGraph starting at your facebook profile node and then maps it to RDF (as mentioned in the video). If you perform a query on properties using the example in the video:

SELECT ?p { ?s ?p ?o }

you'll get back URLs like those in this screen capture.

The URLs there don't correspond to those defined by the OGP schema definiton cited above. For instance, Album is defined as not as seen by the query in OGer.

So, my questions are: Is there a way to query the Facebook Social Graph as RDF? If not, what would be the way to convert the JSON to RDF? And, if I write custom code to do that would I convert to the OGP schema I found, or to the "" types that OGer chose.

EDIT: Some of my confusion here is from mixing the idea of Open Graph Protocol (which is valid RDF) and the Facebook Graph API. See this post in the OGP google group.

But the important question still remains, is there a way (standards based) to map the data coming from the Facebook API (aka the Facebook Social Graph) to RDF. If not, I wonder why facebook doesn't provide it?

One problem I see is that the graph described by the OGP, and the Facebook Social Graph are not one to one (to verify this I can view my own profile and see that no OGP meta data is present, yet my profile is a node in the social graph). This means if the Facebook Social Graph were given an RDF schema the OGP would not suffice. It also means there is no standard for representing the FSG.