Future of semantic web jobs in Europe


I'm currently working as a Java Software Engineer in Europe with technologies like Spring, Hibernate, relational databases(MySql, Oracle, etc) for more than 7 years. However, lately I've been very enthusiastic about the advances of the semantic web technology in real life applications and I'm starting to consider switching my job field because I've learned a lot of stuff in semantics, I've done a rather big application with Jena, SPARQL and I like the concepts behind it.

However, my only concern is that there seems to be a lack of jobs using semantic web technologies. Almost all job posts on monster.com for example, are in my current field(Spring, Hibernate, relational DBs). The only thing kind of related to semantic web where there are jobs seems to be with NOSql technologies.

Is there currently a market for semantic web related jobs? Or, will this field evolve so that I can focus now to find a job in semantics with the guarantee that in near future this market will grow significantly?

I really hope for convincing answers about this since the benefits of semantic web apps compared to most today's technologies are really appealing and I can already imagine a future web of semantic-enabled apps.

Thank you!