Are there any SPARQL Query javascript editors?

Hi, I'm wondering if there are any WYSIWYG-like editors for SPARQL, specially in javascript (preferably jQuery) so that it can be used in HTML textareas.

P.S. I've seen Danny Ayers sparql editor before but I can't find a reliable source of the code.

We use CodeMirror 1 with SPARQL highlighters. See this demo: This javascript editor does a nice job of highlighting and auto-indent for SPARQL.

Edit: CodeMirror 2 (the new version) seems to have an even nicer plugin for SPARQL syntax editing, which in addition to highlighting and indention also includes syntax checking. See and

Maybe check out SPARQL-if?

We developed a graphical SPARQL query builder for OntoWiki using AJAX and of course PHP for the plugin backend. It enables non-experts to create complex queries on a RDF-database. It is now a feature-rich but easy-to-use tool with a good work-flow and nice design. It has grown to 7500 LOC but its not slow at all and it uses modern technologies like SVG, jQuery and extensive use of Ajax (with JSON). It will be used (in the first place) at the history department of the University of Leipzig (Germany).

Or OpenLink's iSPARQL?

I seem to have found the code you are looking for by using Google "sparql-editor". But I must say it doesn't seem like a very useful editor.

There are two SPARQL editors that I like very much, both of which are not open source so probably don't help you but I mention them to convey what I think a good SPARQL editor is like:

  • Top Braid Composer - with code completion on resources, syntax highlighting, SPARQL validation. written in Java using Eclipse framework.
  • AGWebView - browser based HTML widget, probably using javascript, syntax highlighting, SPARQL validation, etc. (check out the video for a glimpse)

Both products can be tried out using free trials. AGWebView can be tried out by downloading Allegrograph.

Have a look at YASGUI. YASGUI supports:

  • Accessing -all- endpoints (including CORS-disabled ones, or endpoints on your localhost)
  • Query syntax highlighting and checking
  • Prefix autocompletion (using
  • Endpoint search and autocompletion (using CKAN and Mondeca Endpoint Status )
  • Query permalinks
  • Query bookmarking
  • SNORQL-type navigation

Try it out here:

Might be something in the Tabulator: